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Artificial Grass

There are so many great synthetic turf products on the market now, with different looks and feels, to suit your lifestyle and your vision of what your outdoor area should look like.

Synthetic turf has come along way in versatility, appearance and cost effectiveness, it is also great for people who don’t want to spend time mowing and weeding or the expense and consumption of constantly watering.
It is also perfect for around pools, as it provides that great green look, without making the maintenance a problem.

When installing the synthetic grass we make sure the reticulation is accounted for & adjusted as necessary if required. Cracker dust (crushed concrete) is compacted as a foundation & the grass cut & ordered in lengths to suit.

The direction the grass roll is cut & the direction of the fold of the synthetic grass is essential to the overall finished product which we are happy to advise on.

When laying turf we can assist in all aspects of the garden makeover & edging. If required, we will prepare the top soil & reticulation, so the new turf will thrive without a hitch.

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Perth Property Improver

Natural Turf

We can also provide you with high quality natural turf, for those who prefer the natural products and love the smell of fresh cut grass!

Again, when laying turf, we ensure that the reticulation is also up to standard and will be suitable to water all areas of your newly laid turf.

There are many products on the market, that will suit the look you want, the amount of shade or sun the area gets, the feel you want and the durability too.

It is simply a matter of speaking with us to ascertain the right product for your budget and lifestyle.


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