Landscaping and Outdoor Kitchens

Landscaping and Outdoor Kitchens

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The climate in Perth is suitable for outdoor living and entertaining for most of the year, so it makes perfect sense to make the most of your outdoor space. We can assist you with all areas of landscaping, from court yards, front yards, side access ways, pool areas, pergola’s, alfresco areas, outdoor BBQ & kitchen areas.

Perth Property Improver will help you make the most of the available space to suit your lifestyle. We can design low maintenance, modern, user friendly, outdoor makeover options, that will fit your requirements and budget.

We understand that your time is valuable and we can help you limit the time you spend researching and comparing products. We will do a site inspection and discuss your budget, ideas and requirements, give you the benefit of our expertise in design and our knowledge of the latest products that can help achieve your vision.

We will then design an outdoor area that you will be able to enjoy and will add value to your home with quality materials that will ensure a lasting effect.

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Perth Property Improver

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen styles are a personal choice and there is a huge range to choose from on the market. Choice depends largely on several factors, your budget, the area you want to use, and your lifestyle. We don’t exclusively use specific suppliers, we are always looking for the best pricing position for clients.

We can advise you on some of the many choices you will be faced with, do you have the unit free standing or built in? Do you want it plumbed into water and gas mains, and how much extra is that?

There are also many trades that are involved to install the unit, once you have made your choices, electrician, plumber and gas fitter, tiler or splash back installer and there could also be council approval required, depending on the structure and its position. All these areas are taken care of for you by us, you deal with one person from start to completion.

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We understand that trust and reliability are vital aspects that you look for when selecting a company, and they are the qualities we look for in the trades people we employ.

As the Directory of the company, I take great pride in my teams work, we are in the business of making peoples dreams for their homes become a reality. I have experience in the real estate business, being a licensed Real Estate Agent and Property Buyer. This means, I can pass on a wealth of knowledge to you, including ensuring that you are not over capitalizing. Our aim is for you to have the best possible outcome for your home or investment property within the budget you have.

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