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General maintenance around the home usually means employing multiple trades, obtaining quotes to compare, select each company and then organise their schedules to complete, in the correct order and on time.

This is a very stressful and time consuming process, that can be eliminated by making one phone call to Perth Property Improver.

Add to this, the fact that because each area may be small, many tradespeople either won’t come and quote at all, or will submit a high quote, because the small job is simply not economical for their business.

Perth Property Improver have a trusted team of qualified trades people, you can simply make one phone call to ensure quality trades people are on site, for all areas of your maintenance or remodeling needs are covered.

For quality customer service and a team that you can rely on, contact us for a quote.

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Roof Maintenance
  • Gutters & down pipes.
  • Fascias & eaves, repairs & replacement.
  • Installation of soak wells & drains.
  • Gutter guard.
  • Interior and exterior walls correctly prepped, filled and painted.
  • Eaves and ceiling painting.
  • Fences & gates.
  • Tiled floors.
  • Timber floors.
  • Engineered boards.
  • Solid timber.
  • Floating floors.
  • Vinyl.
  • Skirting boards & trims.
General Maintenance
  • Door & hinge repair and installation.
  • Bench tops and cabinets repaired, resurfaced or replaced.
  • Cornice replacement, and painting.
  • Cement work for driveways and paths.
  • Garden retaining, mulching, planting and reticulation.
  • Repairs or replacements of fences, including retaining walls.
  • Installation, repair and painting of pergolas.
  • Soak wells, garden beds, mulching and reticulation.
  • Resurfacing ponds, water proofing and pond instillation.
  • Installation, repair and moving of gates.
  • Synthetic grass & natural lawn installation.
  • Window replacement.

To Hire us or Need Any Urgent Help? Email or Call us!

Call us today: 0417 960 652 or Email us

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We understand that trust and reliability are vital aspects that you look for when selecting a company, and they are the qualities we look for in the trades people we employ.

As the Directory of the company, I take great pride in my teams work, we are in the business of making peoples dreams for their homes become a reality. I have experience in the real estate business, being a licensed Real Estate Agent and Property Buyer. This means, I can pass on a wealth of knowledge to you, including ensuring that you are not over capitalizing. Our aim is for you to have the best possible outcome for your home or investment property within the budget you have.

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